Mission Statement

Our mission is to address those issues that contributed to the tragedy at Virginia Tech at the local and state level: privacy laws and information sharing, campus safety and security, mental health and guns.  We would like to educate Virginia citizens on those issues, advocate for changes to Virginia’s policies and laws and implement practical solutions to prevent another tragedy.

Privacy Laws and Information Sharing: Parents of college students have expressed frustration that colleges cannot or will not communicate with them regarding issues concerning their child.  Professors need a means to address issues concerning students exhibiting troubling behavior.  High schools are prevented from sharing certain information about students to colleges to which they are admitted.  We need to balance the privacy of individual students with the need for parents to know if their child is struggling with certain issues, with professors who must teach them and with colleges that should know all the issues of students admitted to their school.

Campus Safety and Security:  Colleges and even high schools are addressing notification and safety procedures, in light of Virginia Tech.  We would like to examine the various means, including new technology, hot lines, counseling centers, timely notification procedures and other methods to accomplish the goal of keeping our students safe and secure.

Mental Health– The General Assembly initiated changes at the state level this past session.  We need to continue to address the issues of funding and the provision of services at the community, school and state level to troubled individuals, specifically students.  We also would like to explore what parents, schools and communities can do to help troubled students.

Guns – We would like to educate and make Virginia citizens aware of gun legislation and practices in the Commonwealth and to advocate for reasonable, commonsense gun legislation that will protect the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens but keep guns from the hands of those who would do harm.