Our goals, though lofty, include the following:

  1. To educate Virginia citizens on the legislative process, how the General Assembly works, how bills become law and how citizens can effect change;
  2. To address privacy laws and how they are implemented at the high school and university level and how we can help implement changes to protect an individual’s privacy with a parent, teacher, administration’s right to know;
  3. To be a voice, among many, to improve our mental health system with both funding and access to care;
  4. To suggest means and ways schools and universities can keep campuses safe;
  5. To educate Virginia citizens about current gun legislation at the state level, and to link to laws being considered at the federal level;
  6. To advocate for those changes in the law we feel are necessary during the legislative session and before and after by testifying at hearings, attending town hall meetings, meeting with legislators, writing letters to the editor and publishing advertisements;
  7. To raise the funding necessary to implement the above;
  8. Legislation to be passed as a living memorial to Reema and all of the Virginia Tech Victims (VTV).